Spring 2019

Newhere Lands
with Carolina Trigo, Samantha Flemings, and Sean Adams

GIF components for Graduate Thesis

Project Details

GIFs were created to showcase the transition of the “inflatables” deflating and inflating.

Newhere Lands is an on-going investigation amongst souvenirs, coat of arms/flags, and nationalism. The thesis uses subversion as a device to reimagine symbolism in a form of an object (souvenir). 

Spring 2019

Cue the Sun: The Imaginaries of Los Angeles
with Stephen Serrato

An archive using HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Project Details

Images and videos sourced from Youtube.

GIFs created from video sources.

Cue the Sun is an online archive showcasing news media coverage of Los Angeles in the 90s.


Spring 2018

Face on the Moon
with Laurel Schwartz

A typeface created purely from HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Typeface Details

Titled, Face on the Moon 

Includes 26-letters (uppercase only) and numerals. 

Spring 2018

Very Crispy
with Carolina Trigo

A digital invitation to the Very Crispy
fictious exhibition.

Work Details

This digital invitation was designed as a part of the deliverables for the entirety of the Very Crispy exhibition.